BLUE LOTUS 360 HRM is now excited to announce a new partnership with a leading job portal XpressJobs. This partnership will enable Bluelotus HRM to directly source candidates from XpressJobs application tracking system (ATS).

Streamline for Success with an Integrated ATS and HRMS Approach

Today, nearly every organization utilizes different types of applicant tracking system (ATS) which enables efficient hiring process.  This is especially critical due to the intense level of competition that exists for talent. Additionally, companies are using a best-in-class method for improving the candidate experience by integrating with their Human resource management system (HRMS), rather than using all-in-one integrated platforms. The faster and more accurately an organization can process candidates and place them into open jobs, the better it is to manage recruitment costs.

• Manage the organizational brand

• Create a seamless experience for employees

• Increase transparency in hiring

• Establish clear organizational processes

• Measure the true success of hiring efforts

XpressJobs has been a pioneer in introducing efficient ways to hire best talent for Sri Lankan companies.