How Blue Lotus 360 ERP Solves Top 5 Problems of Manufacturing Businesses

Manufacturers face various challenges every day which potentially vary from one manufacturer to another. Among these diverse challenges lies a handful of common problems faced by these manufacturers and the Good news is, majority of these issues can be addressed or completely eliminated by implementing Blue Lotus 360 ERP software.

Here are the Top-5 manufacturing problems that can be solved by Blue Lotus 360 ERP:

⮚     Batch Traceability

Without an ERP system, manufacturers have to manually enter inventory numbers into Excel spread sheets. Manual data entries bring inaccuracies while trying to keep track of raw material lot numbers used in multiple finished goods and shipped to numerous customers. By using Blue Lotus 360 ERP for manufacturing system offers both forward and backward lot tracking where information can be accounted for from the beginning till the very end of the process.

⮚     Managing Inventory Levels

Maintaining the right quantities of the correct inventory ensures the supply adequately meets the demands of your customers. Inventory management in Blue Lotus 360 ERP system provides manufacturers the transparency and inventory counts needed for improved Production Planning. The system accounts for the inventory starting with a customer’s Sales Order and any shortages are flagged immediately.

⮚     Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Blue Lotus 360 ERP helps businesses avoid expensive compliance delays by automating and standardizing best practices as well as maintaining an audit trail that allows for up to date and immediate compliance information. By automating Quality Control (QC), manufacturing organizations not only make certain that their goods and materials are regulatory compliant, but also ensure enhanced customer satisfaction.

⮚     Data Accuracy

 Human errors occur during manual data entry and can adversely affect the productivity of the entire organization. Also, assigning resources for these non-productive activities are an unnecessary expenditure to an organization. Blue Lotus 360 ERP solution eliminates human error and saves both cost and resources for the organization. Blue Lotus 360 solution provides access to accurate data which includes current inventory levels, sales forecast, WIP, Production Capacity Utilization, etc. which will allow the organization to plan and schedule their future operations yielding the best possible results.

⮚     Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

With proper MRP, you can reduce cash flow and increase profitability. This is made possible by calculating the optimum production schedule using sales forecasting, bills of materials, open orders, inventory status, and master production schedule.