The Emerging Giant : Story of Cloud ERP provider Blue Lotus 360

Sri Lanka aims to have a national digital strategy in the near future to be a vital player in the global digital economy. Among a plethora of companies with brave aspirations to take part in the endeavor, we talk with Blue Lotus 360, a Lankan cloud ERP solutions provider challenging the dominance of foreign software systems present in Sri Lanka and going beyond the borders to take the challenge to them.

A lot of IT firms in the country how did you set apart making Blue Lotus different?

Even though there are a lot of IT companies in Sri Lanka I would say there are only a handful of companies who are in the ERP Domain, especially the ones developed in Sri Lanka. If you think more niche, we have this mental business model where we sell the products as a subscription-based solution and so far there are only around 4 or 5 in the local market.

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